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Washington Alert — Employee "Free" Choice Update

March 06, 2009

Activity concerning the Employee Free Choice Act, better known as card-check legislation, appears to be stepping up in Congress, and it is not good news for our nation's employers. As the number one priority of organized labor, this bill will take away the right of employees to vote in organizing campaigns and will allow arbitrators, after 120 days, to determine a union contract that includes everything from wages and benefits to work rules and job classifications. No more sitting at the table negotiating a contract. Contracts will be forced upon employers by "government" arbitrators.

Just like last year, the bill has more than enough signatures to pass the House. It does face a more difficult road in the Senate where many "blue dog" Democrats, especially in the South who have worked hard to attract businesses to their states because of their union-free work environments. However, these Democrats will have to spend significant political capital to oppose their party.

The Senate is our only hope as earlier this week in a closed-door session with the AFL-CIO, Obama promised "fast tracking" the bill if it hit his desk. Yesterday, Joe Biden was the keynote speaker at the AFL-CIO's annual convention in Florida. In following Obama's footsteps, Biden promised total support for the union including card check.

Therefore, it is up to the Senate! Please contact your Senators and urge opposition to this bill

Also, we have provided a sample letter to be provided to your Senators as well as other state and local politicians

Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent – we all can agree that card-check is not good for business — especially considering the state of the economy. Businesses do not budget, nor have the resources for consultants to assist in a card-check campaign or labor negotiations. Furthermore, if successful, we all know how difficult it is to be competitive in today's global economy in a union environment.

SESCO has prepared an important manual to include background information on the Employee Free Choice Act. Contact SESCO to order "How to Prevent and Combat Unionization Successfully" or if you feel that you need to take steps now, as we strongly suggest, please contact SESCO to develop a proactive strategy to address any workplace vulnerability issues that a union salt or organizer could exploit.

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SESCO Management Consultants
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