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November 29, 2017

Available From SESCO Management Consultants

Harassment is rampant. Whether it’s Hollywood, politics, academia or business, you cannot escape the reports. With the heightened awareness employers must do what they are required by law and in their power to prevent harassment in the workplace. SESCO provides a number of resources to assist employers in this regard.

SESCO Training

SESCO certified trainers will assist you in developing a customized program and deliver the training to your leaders and employees.

Sexual Harassment: Serious Business

This video, using five realistic scenarios, will educate your staff on the broad definition of unwelcome sexual conduct, and the problems caused by this inappropriate behavior. Teach employees why preventing sexual harassment helps everyone; how to respond to quid pro quo harassment; how to confront harassers and tell them to stop unwelcome behaviors; the negative impacts of workplace flirtations; proper procedures for reporting and investigating complaints; and consequences of false accusations.

SESCO’s “Sexual Harassment: Serious Business” is available for purchase HERE.

Sexual Harassment: Understanding the Law (Employee and Management Editions)

The EEOC has extended the Supreme Court's rulings on Sexual Harassment to all forms of harassment prohibited by federal anti-discrimination laws.

If you're faced with a harassment charge, these videos can be taken into court. They are proof that your firm has clearly communicated its policy prohibiting harassment. The videos are a most effective defense when used in conjunction with a written policy prohibiting harassment and a personal endorsement by your CEO.

This powerfully dramatized video training is built around the reactions of employees and managers when a popular supervisor is fired for Sexual Harassment and permitting a Hostile Work Environment to exist even though there were complaints. The law, as well as the law's impact are clearly described and defined.

The Management Edition is ideal for a well-educated work force, its management, and its supervisors and is available for purchase HERE.

The Employee Edition is formatted for supervisors and members of non-exempt hourly work forces and is available for purchase HERE.

SESCO recommends that clients conduct training for leaders and employees on an annual basis. For assistance, contact us at 423-764-4127 or by email at