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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

SESCO's Satisfaction Survey has been validated by the University of Tennessee and is the only satisfaction survey on the market that has a validation rating (92%).

Since it was professionally developed and field-tested among hundreds of organizations in multiple industries over the past 60 years, the core survey questions in eighteen (18) attitude categories are reinforced by our national industry norms. Comparison of the individual question and attitude category results of your organization with our national norms will add a tremendous dimension to your evaluation, comparison and reporting of the survey results and feedback with your managers and employees throughout the organization.

The core purpose of our Management/Employee Satisfaction Survey is to provide members of your management team a candid insight and understanding into your employees' opinions, feelings and perceptions in key areas of their work life environment. The survey findings will accurately profile the satisfaction status (morale) of your organization.

SESCO's Satisfaction Survey provides a comprehensive system for not only administering the survey itself, but also conducting feedback to participants and a very hands-on approach to assisting the management team in developing follow-up action plans so that corrective action can be defined and specific dates and actions developed. Our consultants are human resource and organizational development specialists and offer extensive hands-on experience in managing survey data to ensure the process is meaningful.

We on the SESCO staff feel that there is no more important human resource system in which an organization can engage. The more employees feel that their opinions, suggestions and ideas are appreciated and welcomed, the more genuine job performance, satisfaction and good morale they will observe. This equates to increased retention and productivity.

Special Features of SESCO's Personnel Satisfaction Survey Program

  • Customized questionnaires/questions
  • Industry-specific databases for comparison of organization survey results
  • Breakdown of survey results by demographics, survey groups, departments, sites and other comparisons as directed by the client
  • Validated survey system
  • On or offsite administration
  • Follow-up action planning and professional consulting