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SESCO can help you keep abreast of the most recent developments in employment law, to ensure that your organization is always in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Fair Labor Standards Compliance

SESCO's history was founded in Wage and Hour compliance in 1945. SESCO has been widely recognized as one of the country's most respected experts in the practice of Wage and Hour Accounting.

SESCO has assisted an untold number of employers in complying with Wage and Hour Regulations. Compliance is attainable and affordable for all and through SESCO's compliance assessment, employers will have a thorough understanding of their compliance posture and more importantly, how to ensure compliance with all Wage and Hour Accounting practices, thereby reducing significantly financial liability.

If your organization is contacted by a state or federal DOL officer, contact SESCO immediately to prepare for and defend your compliance and recordkeeping practices.

Compliance Assessments

Failure to meet prescribed federal and state employment guidelines can mean serious consequences — backwage liabilities, fines, court order compliance, jury trials, etc. In many cases, an employer may not realize that his or her policies and procedures are not in compliance and this is where SESCO can be of great service to bring the organization's programs into compliance. An assessment for our clients consists of the following:

  • Assessment and analysis of all payroll records to include timecards to determine if the organization is properly meeting all requirements for minimum wage, overtime, premium pay and recordkeeping requirements. All pay plans are reviewed to include commissions, bonus payments, incentives and all other payment plans. A review of all recordkeeping procedures is conducted to ensure that all recordkeeping and retention requirements are being properly met. A review of all compensable and non-compensable working time is also conducted to ensure compliance with the latest enforcement policies and all employment agreements whether exempt or non-exempt, commission, independent contractor or hourly employees.
  • Assessment of all exempt/non-exempt pay plans to ensure compliance with the latest FLSA requirements.
  • Assessment for practical application of all "partial" exemptions, exemptions from overtime requirements.
  • Assessment and analysis of all personnel forms, personnel policies and procedures to include employee handbooks and all other documentation to determine if all required documents are being maintained both from a federal and state regulatory standpoint.
  • Assessment and analysis of all personnel files to include medical files, DOT files, current personnel files to determine if appropriate and/or required information is being maintained. We want to determine if you are maintaining documentation that would be effective in defending employment actions in the case of an unemployment claim, wrongful discharge lawsuit, or discrimination charge.
  • Assessment and analysis of all other applicable state and federal employment laws to include federal/state fair employment practices, COBRA, Immigration Reform, New Hire Reporting, FMLA, ADA, Equal Pay, EEOC, FCRA and others.
  • Assessment of all human resource practices to determine effectiveness based on HR best practices.

The assessment is followed up by a thorough detailed report which not only contains specific recommendations for improvement, but also supplementary material which can be used as an on-going reference guide.