Professional Service Agreement

SESCO's Professional Service Agreement

January 14, 2013

As employment regulations and tightening profit margins place significant challenges on business and industry, consider taking advantage of SESCO's exclusive monthly professional service agreement.

Your management and human resource team will receive the following services at no additional charge or a fixed monthly fee:

· Telephone/email hot line – provides employment law and HR support for all federal and state employment regulations as well as provides assistance in addressing
difficult people problems, providing human resource research and systems and other day-to-day support as requested.

· Employment Law Compliance Audit – An onsite visit can be selected which provides a review of all human resource management practices and systems to ensure compliance as well as efficiency and effectiveness. A thorough report is provided with SESCO staff recommendations.

· Federal and state posters

· The SESCO Report – monthly newsletter, to be provided to all leadership as so selected.

· Handbook review – Handbook review on an annual basis

Fixed monthly fees range from $45 per month to $250 per month.

The monthly fee fixes all employment law and HR technical support without any additional fees. Avoid costly litigation for alleged wrongdoing by employees or significant fines for noncompliance as well as never-ending, legal fees for daily support.


Bill Ford