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SESCO Congratulates Friend, Andrew Puzder

December 09, 2016

Andrew (Andy) Puzder, friend of SESCO, has been named as Labor Secretary for the Trump administration.

We at SESCO applaud President-Elect Trump for this nomination as Mr. Puzder, previous Chief Executive Officer of CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. (the parent company of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s ) has been a vocal advocate for cutting regulations that he claims have stifled growth in not only the restaurant industry, but all business and industry across the country.

As an advisor and contributor to the Trump campaign, Mr. Puzder has criticized the Affordable Care Act, argued against raising the minimum wage and has expressed concern over Obama’s Executive Order which would have drastically raised the salary threshold to $47,476.00 creating significant increases in labor costs via overtime costs.

If confirmed by the Senate, Mr. Puzder will be faced with handling a string of regulations the Obama administration pushed through over the past several years.

We at SESCO strongly support this nomination and if confirmed, trust that the economy will grow and greatly improve which will benefit business and thereby employees and their families.