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ACA Requires Compliance Program for All Nursing Facilities

March 06, 2013

Along with the many changes, taxes and requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Section 6102 of the Act states that "All skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities must have in operation an effective compliance and ethics program by March 23, 2013."

The program is designed to prevent and detect criminal, civil and administrative violations under the Act and to promote quality of care consistent with regulations.

Basic elements of the program include:

• Written Policies and Procedures
• Assignment of a Compliance Officer/Compliance Committee
• Training and Education of All Staff and Providers
• Developing Effective Lines of Communication
• Auditing and Monitoring the Program
• Enforcement of Standards
• Responding to Detected Offenses
• Assessment of the Program's Success
• Establishment of a Statement of Philosophy

To assist nursing facilities/skilled nursing facilities comply with this new program, SESCO has authored "Designing and Implementing a Compliance Program for Nursing Facilities." The cost is $25.00 and can be ordered by:

Calling 423-764-4127
Order Online by clicking HERE

SESCO is also providing professional consulting services to assist organizations design, implement and audit their compliance program. Again, feel free to contact SESCO to discuss our professional services to ensure compliance.